We make monitoring and control of Remote Facilities via the Internet easy, simple and flexible - Carlo Gavazzi have combined the technologies of GSM, the Internet, and the Dupline Fieldbus

With Dupline-Online you can monitor and control basically any remote facility via the Internet - the only requirement is GSM coverage or Internet access at the remote site or building

The Dupline-Online system offers new Web-based services for automatic alarm monitoring, recording of events with time and date tag, and logging of analog values and energy consumption data. The system is based on a secure central Internet server ( which receives logged data from multiple Dupline Data Loggers via GSM or via the Internet and stores it in a central database. The Dupline-Online Internet Server is shared by several users, hence there is no need to invest in new IT equipment. Individual users can access own data from any PC connected to the Internet by entering user name and password.

The interface to the physical world in terms of sensors, actuators, switches, energy meters etc. is performed by the Dupline Fieldbus - the highly flexible 2-wire bus proven in more than 100.000 installations worldwide. The modular build-up and comprehensive product range of the Dupline fieldbus make it possible to tailor the right I/O configuration to almost any application. And future expansion is easy because new I/O-modules can be added to the system at any time.

Dupline-Online is offered to users on a yearly fee basis, but you can also buy the Dupline-Online software e.g. in a customized version for use on your own server.

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  Dupline-Online Subscription
  Dupline-Online Overview Diagram

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